A Guest Visit is an Experience

Guests don’t just come to your Restaurant to eat and drink. They come to you also for an experience. Something that’s a tad bit m

Restaurant Ambiance Enhancer
Restaurant Ambiance Enhancer

ore enhanced than what is commoditized and generally available. The first thing they interact with after being placed on a table is your Menu. That is your Sales Person Number 1. While bulk of the effort is in preparing wonderful menu options as a restaurateur, but beyond that the old saying kicks in, “Packaging is just as important as the Product”. Your wonderful Menu deserves a wonderful 21st Century presentation. In the fight between “pixels vs papyrus”, pixels has been winning hands down so far. What makes you think our hospitality industry will be an exception? It won’t be and which is why are simple to use and setup offering is the perfect way for you to enhance the first touch point your guests encounter. Turn that into an experience¬† in subtle ways. When the traffic is slow, let them read the news on a large screen tablet. Or maybe allow them to play a game while they wait.

Theme Your Menu for them

Our solution supports custom themes. While we continually work towards introducing new base theme layouts, you can pick one and customize it to match your Ambiance and festivities if any. Change your theme to match Christmas or Easter or Diwali on top of your existing customization. Very subtly but effectively you are driving a point home – “You care for them in one more way”.

Like them, Love them

Your server/waiter staff is your sales force too. When you free them up from tackling rudimentary questions, handling incorrect order placement etc. you allow them time to chat with your guests and ensure they are able to bond with your guests extending your brand. Let them have this opportunity and you will see the benefits it brings.


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