Point of Sale Integration is one of the most in-demand feature requested. If done right, your guests could literally check out on their own reducing the Customer Turn-around Rate (CTR) and the Table Turnaround Rate (TTR) by several minutes. On busy days (read weekends) this could translate into a 5 – 15% additional revenue along with other factors.


Can iTabMenu be integrated with a POS?

The answer is yes. We use several strategies to integrate with POS systems. However these integrations are only available to Pro Plus and Enterprise Customers. The real challenge here is who is your POS vendor and if they support integrations via an API. We can integrate even if they don’t directly support. Here are the ways we use:

  • Direct integration with the POS software using POS vendor APIs
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools
  • Third party integrators like Omnivore IO

My POS Vendor is unsupported. Now what?

Well if you have been using a POS vendor whose product cannot be integrated for whatever reason, then we recommend you to switch to our Invoicing solution. While our invoicing solution is not a replacement for a POS by any means, it does allow your guests to checkout right from the Tablet. The 5 – 15% revenue increase, remember? Yes it is the future, where you won’t need a cashier to handle payments for your establishment and the machine will handle it for you. If your POS vendor can’t get you there, then our basic Invoicing will definitely help you get there. To enable invoicing, talk to us.

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