Trouble Scheduling Guests on Weekends?

If you are running busy to the brim on certain days of a week, you need someone to handle the long queues and make sure your guests are not just standing outside in the rain, sun or snow waiting. So the easy answer is hire somebody to handle the walk in guests, and we are sure a lot of you do have somebody handling that part of the job. The question is how are they being utilized during the busiest days of the week? Handling long queues of guests certainly does not seem to be the right use of their time which they could instead use to help building relations with your prospective guests instead.

Can it be “automated”?

Yes! iTabMenu comes with built-in guest reservation system when you are a Pro Plus subscriber. As you mark your Tables “open”, the appropriate fit for that table next in queue is automatically dialed to, and a dynamic AI enabled message is played for them. If they confirm, great, if not, the next in list is dialed in. All done automatically, 24×7 365 days a year with no breaks 🙂


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