Make Finding Easy

When you are a customer yourself, you want to find what you need with relative ease. Being able to spot your favorite food or trying out something new should not be an exercise, rather intuitive. That’s what iTabMenu – Tablet Digital Menu solves for you.

Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

You never quite get comfortable trying out new items unless you get some pictorial cue as to what does the item look like. Upload beautiful hi-res pictures and generate more in curious sales. People love trying out new things if they can get excited about it. Great pictures contribute a lot! iTabMenu – Tablet Digital Menu makes it easy and fun to build menus and catalogs with great pictures.

Reduce Time and Errors

Reducing wastage and increasing efficiency is what every business strives to achieve. Get done with wrong orders being placed due to miscommunication or a customer denying ever having ordered what they ordered. Not just that, now orders won’t be getting lost in translation. A reduction in this alone bring down expense due to wastage by a magnitude. That’s what iTabMenu – Tablet Digital Menu solves for you.