Step 4.


Intelligent Product Metrics

Find which items the customers find interesting but are not purchasing. This could help you fine tune your pricing or details in a way that leads to increased sales of a non-performing but attention gaining product offering.


Measure sales trends and setup to receive alerts when a data point becomes interesting. Export data for use in other third party analytics tools. Generate daily reports. All of that and more when you go Pro Plus

Identify Your Customer

With advanced AI cognitive features that are part of our Enterprise plan you can determine customer demographics and produce reports that tell exactly what your customer is made up of. How many of your customers are in the age group of 25 – 35? Which is your largest age group segment? The answers to these questions can be priceless, and we can get that for you!

Feedback Analysis

Download Feedback reports and run analytics to find out the underlying patterns behind negative and positive feedback by guests. The insights provided by going digital on feedback capturing, you never miss a guest feedback. AI driven feedback alerts shall soon be on the way, so that you can immediately focus on burning issues reported by your guests.