Step 1.

The Catalog

You have a store or a restaurant? Great! Let’s call it your Establishment. Every establishment needs to perform a few redundant tasks each time a customer walks in. Customers need to be introduced to the products in your store, given assistance in deciding what they want to buy and finally complete the sales cycle by going through with billing. This repeats over and over every day several times and this makes your establishment successful. Why are we telling you something about a process that you are so intimately connected with day in and day out?

Because it is repetitive. And in repetition, we see Automation.

The first step towards that goal is to help customers identify what they want to buy or consume. It could be a product or a service or some great food. If there ever was an age of digitizing your product offerings, it is now. Once you have a catalog of your products on iTabMenu, you then open one more avenue for customers to view and browse through your offerings in self serviced manner. This automates your customer’s product discovery process.