A 21st Century Solution

With iTabMenu, you can build a Digital Catalog of your offerings that you can present to your customers as handheld tablets or stationary kiosks. Your customers can browse through products at their convenience and educate themselves about it as well. Sounds much like how people shop online? That is exactly it. Your customers get the best of both worlds when you have iTabMenu. The convenience of exploring products on a digital device while they are in your establishment. iTabMenu is evolving every single day becoming better and smarter. It is GREAT for Restaurants! Actually, that was the first intention when we built it on top of the eRestro software platform. Have a seasonal Menu? No problem! Have a Food Tasting menu? Just get it done in minutes.

But wait, your customers are in for a delight even if you are a store. Put up a Kiosk configured with iTabMenu so that your customers don’t depend on your staff to attend to them. They can browse through your products and its information till they can be attended. Better yet, if they already know what they want, they can pay for it and check out!