01. Hello, Tablet Menus

Be done with traditional Menus, Catalogs and Brochures. Beautiful Designs with iTabMenu let you stand apart from the crowd and collect important data about your customers. Best part is that the evolution of the product never stops and it keeps getting better with every release!

02. Setup in minutes – Not days or weeks

Create an account, create your outlet, add a device location, add a catalog, categories and some items. Download the iTabMenu app from the App Store and login. That’s it! You are ready to roll. Then once you get a hang of creating menus and catalogs, go to themes and change the look and feel to match your outlet or establishment. When everything runs on the cloud, it really cannot get simpler than this.

03. Unlimited Menus and Catalogs

Doesn’t matter if you are setting up a Digital Tablet Menu for your Restaurant or if you own a store and want to create a Digital Product Catalog to present to your customers. You can create as many of them as you like and run it on your devices depending on when you need what. A menu for buffet that doesn’t show prices? You got it. An information only menu with no ordering support? You can configure that too. Oh and you can create the regular a-la-carte menus just as easily.

04. Theme to Your Hearts Content

Our highly configurable themes let you take control to a very high degree. To top that up, we are releasing new theme layouts with each app update. Pick a theme layout that fits your liking, and then customize it’s colors and background images to match your restaurant or store.

Having trouble theming your menu on your own? Get in touch with us. Use our designing services to work with a designer and get a fabulous design specially crafted for you.